Success is achieved when hard work, dedication, creativity, and innovation combine to form what the world sees as a successful company. At Black Tie, we are here to help be a part of your success story, built from the bottom, up.

The dream bEgins by understandingYour Brand

Who are you as a company, why do you exist, what makes you tick, and what can we do to help nurture your growth? We analyze your brand’s DNA and provide you with the next steps to realize your company’s dreams and help turn them into reality.

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Full-ServiceCreative Agency

Whether you come to us looking for Melbourne, FL web design, branding, marketing, or video production, the common theme is the same: finding new and innovative ways to grow your business. We are a full-service digital marketing agency combining the power of ten traditional vendors all into one.

What we do

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We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to use our skills and expertise to allow businesses to DREAM BIGGER. Explore the marketing strategies and successes of some of our most innovative clients.

What we doIntelligently

Our left brain tells us how to make your company’s dreams come to life. Dreams without goals are simply dreams. Goals without actions are just plans. With the technical know-how and the logistical expertise that our team possesses, we are wired to deliver world-class marketing results that take your vision, strategize, and execute every time.

What we doCreatively

Our right brain allows us to use outside-the-box creativity that will help you DREAM BIGGER. Marketing with Black Tie is so much more than simply year-over-year percentage growth, it’s about substantial and abundant growth. In fact, it’s about mind-numbing growth. We want to take your expectations and kick them up a few notches to deliver your brand world-class results time after time.

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Encouraging our clients to DREAM BIGGER, our highly dedicated staff works tirelessly to ensure that your company can see their vision become a reality. Meet the team who you’ll get to work with hand-in-hand as we embark on this journey together.

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